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PC World magazine calls AirDefense Personal “Indispensible”

AirDefense Personal eliminates wireless bridging, probing laptop, phishing and evil twin threats; integrates with AirDefense Enterprise for uninterrupted mobile worker protection

Atlanta - April 5, 2006 - AirDefense, the innovator that launched the wireless LAN security market, today announced that PC World magazine has ranked its AirDefense Personal Lite, the industry’s first wireless end-point security solution (WEPS), among its “101 Fabulous Freebies.” AirDefense Personal Lite protects laptop users against hotspot evil twin and wireless phishing attacks, enabling mobile workers to safely conduct business wherever they have wireless connectivity – including the airport, home, hotspots and customer sites.

Now, with the rapid proliferation of municipal WiFi access, entire cities are becoming hotspots. And because this wireless connectivity blankets vast regional areas, including all of the office buildings located within those areas, the threats of phishing, evil twin, bridging, accidental association and others dramatically increase. Therefore laptop users have a real need to protect themselves while conducting business over the wireless network and when connected to their wired network in the office. A free copy of AirDefense Personal Lite can be downloaded from www.airdefense.net

“Your free-wheeling, laptop-toting life shouldn’t throw your data into harm’s way,” according to the May issue of PC World magazine, in which its award-winning editors evaluated hundreds of free downloads and services based on features, design and performance. “AirDefense Personal lets you know when your PC’s data is at risk…It works with – although it doesn’t require – other AirDefense programs, such as AirDefense Personal Central Manager and AirDefense Enterprise Wireless Intrusion Prevention System.”

“Each download or service on the list impressed the editors with its functionality and usability,” said Harry McCracken, VP/editor-in-chief of PC World. “These are some of the most well-crafted services available - congratulations to AirDefense and its Personal Lite product.”

“AirDefense is proud to offer the most advanced wireless end-point security solutions for mobile workers and other laptop users,” said Anil Khatod, president and CEO of AirDefense, ranked among Red Herring’s Top 100 Private Companies in North America. “Thousands of individual users have already downloaded the free version of AirDefense Personal and nearly three times as many mobile employees are protected everyday by our enterprise version of AirDefense Personal.”

In January, AirDefense launched the third generation of its enterprise version of AirDefense Personal to provide the industry’s most comprehensive real-time threat detection and automated response for mobile workers. With rich functionality and an intuitive user interface, AirDefense Personal 3.0 enables network administrators to easily create and automatically enforce wireless policies across the enterprise and it seamlessly integrates with AirDefense Enterprise to offer the industry’s most complete, end-to-end wireless intrusion prevention platform for uninterrupted protection inside and outside of the office.

For example, when a mobile worker returns to the office and connects to the network after working at a wireless hotspot, simultaneous wired and wireless connections form a bridge between the open wireless network and the company’s secure wired network, essentially creating an entry point for an attack. AirDefense Personal 3.0 automatically disconnects the wireless connection once a wired connection is established, thereby preventing the bridge. When the mobile worker disconnects from the wired network, the wireless connection is automatically restored, providing uninterrupted mobile worker protection and productivity.

AirDefense Personal’s flexible policy engine allows enterprises to centrally create, distribute and enforce policies such as allowing the use of specific VPNs and banning insecure applications on unencrypted networks, bandwidth hungry applications such as P2P and Video Streaming, Bluetooth, high-speed data cards (EV-DO, HSPDA and other 3G technologies) and certain hotspots. With the AirDefense RF Boost™ feature, administrators can easily create custom policies and alarms to address company-specific needs. These policies may be defined by groups, such as sales, engineering or finance, and by profiles and actions, such as telecommuters or administrators. AirDefense Personal 3.0 also enables administrators to “black list” non-sanctioned networks, such as overlapping neighbor networks, as well as to track the location of all enterprise information assets. For example, AirDefense Personal allows administrators to determine in which city a mobile worker is connected, or where he or she was last connected or attacked.

AirDefense offers the only integrated enterprise and end-point, Common Criteria-certified wireless IPS solutions in the market today.

About AirDefense
AirDefense, the market leader in anywhere, anytime wireless security and monitoring, is trusted by more Fortune 500 companies, healthcare organizations and high-security government agencies for enterprise wireless protection. Ranked among Red Herring’s Top 100 Private Companies in North America, AirDefense products provide the most advanced solutions for rogue wireless detection, policy enforcement and intrusion prevention, both inside and outside an organization’s physical locations and wired networks. Common Criteria-certified, AirDefense enterprise-class products scale to support single offices as well as organizations with hundreds of locations around the globe. Founded in 2001, AirDefense is based in Alpharetta, GA, and serves hundreds of government agencies and blue chip corporations. For more information, please visit http://www.airdefense.net or call 770.663.8115.

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